Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Everyone Can Doodle

As a stress-relieving practice, try your hand at doodling. Don't hold yourself to anyone else's standards, art for art's sake. 

Monday, 27 May 2013

An Abstract of Geometric Diamonds

Recently, one of my art pieces was featured in a beautiful treasury with the theme & title inspired by my piece, An Abstract of Geometric Diamonds

An Abstract of Geometric Diamonds by FrameBoutique
Zentangle Abstract in Green & White Circles 

Pointillist Tree of Life in Pen & Ink
My art since these pieces has moved far from these styles, but still very much within the Zentangle motif. I hope to post some new pieces soon :)

Zentangle Abstract by FrameBoutique
*** All images, jewelry designs & artwork are property & trademark of FrameBoutique & cannot be used without proper citation or consent. ***

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Upcycled Vintage Jewelry: Environmentally & Socially Conscious Bling for Your Ears

Turquoise Vintage Cameo Drop Earrings
Why not lessen your environmental footprint by purchasing jewelry that incorporates vintage pieces? 

Earrings with vintage cameos or rhinestones add a uniquely vintage touch to your jewelry that ensures you won't find a friend or stranger wearing the exact same pair!

As I try to do with the majority of my designs, most pieces have at least one vintage component or in some, the only new addition is the actually earring hook, wire or leverback. 

Using a vintage teardrop for example in a beautiful white milk glass is the perfect accent to a turquoise patina finished piece. 

Finished with new red copper leverbacks, these earrings are not something you would find at any other shop than FrameBoutique.
Turquoise & White Teardrop Earrings
Something old, something new,
Something borrowed, something blue,
And a silver sixpence in her shoe.

Need that "something blue", "something old" & "something new", look no further because with some of our earrings you can fulfill all three of this good-luck bridal rhyme with one pair of FrameBoutique earrings. This good luck saying actually dates back to the Victorian era.

Something Old: symbolic of continuity, oftentimes a link to the bride's own family & mother's past.

Something New: represents good luck & hopes for a bright future. Wearing a new item also symbolizes the bride & bride-groom are creating a new union that will last.

Something Borrowed: symbolizes the support of friends & family by lending something that represents 'happiness', but must be returned after the wedding. 

Something Blue: symbolizes faithfulness, loyalty & is sometimes a blue garter. In the past, couples actually wore blue bands on the border of their wedding suit & dress to show their love, modesty & fidelity to each other. 

When using vintage rhinestones, I always embrace the minimalist aesthetic. A long, elegant kidney wire won't outshine these incredibly vibrant {Tiffany blue moonstones} & will bring an {Art Deco}-inspired touch to any outfit. 

Tiffany Blue Diamond Drop Earrings, Kidney Wire

New pieces are added daily to FrameBoutique.Etsy.com (Click on the names of the earrings to be directed to each listing)
White Milk Glass Teardrop Earrings

Lapis Lazuli Teardrop Earrings
Teal Mosaic Studs
Azure Blue Drop Earrings

Opalescent Diamond Brass Drops, Kidney Wire
Fire Opal Studs

Monday, 11 February 2013

Default Jewelry

How talented is this photographer?

Not merely talented & incredibly beautiful, Janelle of Janelle Putrich Photography is as lovely an individual as she is a photographer.

Last year, Janelle photographed some exclusive FrameBoutique pieces & plans to do an upcoming shoot for us this spring.

An exciting opportunity for us since her creative vision & photographic eye are so similar to FrameBoutique's vintage meets modern aesthetic. 

Vintage floral fabrics, deliciously vibrant candy & embroidered lace featuring FrameBoutique's Oversized Hollywood Glam Pearl Studs:

A scrumptious combo for a gal like myself that loves all things vintage, all things lace & all things candy. 

The Pearl Studs can be purchased online at FrameBoutique.

Janelle's personal favourite of our earrings: 

Black Filigree leaf Earrings

She calls them her default pair, which made me think of how often I wear my default pair of earrings - pretty much every time I wear any! 

It's great to have a few pairs of 'grab & go' earrings, simple & classic in a neutral colour that you can match to any outfit so you have some fall backs for when you're feeling indecisive. 

FrameBoutique's line of Black Filigree Earrings are perfect to fill this need.

They add a touch of elegance & glam without all the fuss & effort. 

Another staple to invest in: a simple & classic pearl necklace or modern variation on the classic pearl necklace. 

This pearl necklace is inspired from one I wore for my Trash the Dress shoot shot after my wedding. 

The one I wore consisted only of pearls & was of varying lengths, but I wanted to create one with different textures of bead & colours of pearls 

to create a simple, yet modern take on the pearl necklace.

The one photographed (left) was a personal design I made for Janelle, but can be replicated.

Or we have a more dramatic pearl necklace which I absolutely adore & made myself a replica of. 

It's a necklace I often wear out at night -
one that goes great with
black filigree earrings. 

A pearl ring
or stud earrings,
black filigree drop earrings,
classic floral studs &/or
a modern or classic version of the pearl necklace.

Wear your pieces minimally wearing one or two pieces at a time.

A simple, minimal necklace with a pair of matching studs is a great default
for those rushed mornings we've all experienced - standing panicky in bra & undergarments staring wildly at a pile of clothes/jewelry frantically trying to piece together some semblance of an outfit. 

Have your default pieces near your dressing area to quickly throw on as you head out your bedroom & remember, jewelry & accessories should compliment & adorn that beauty & loveliness you already have, not overcrowd it!

*** All photographs (except the dramatic pearl necklace) were taken by Janelle Putrich & as such, are not available to copy, reproduce or alter & are copyright Janelle Putrich Photography. 

*** The dramatic pearl necklace was taken by Julie Thurgood and as such is copyright Julie Thurgood Photography