Thursday, 22 September 2011

Nearing Eleven Years...

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

As my husband & I near what I deem to be our 'real' anniversary, not the wedding anniversary that simply made us "legit" in the eyes of some, I cannot help but nostalgically indulge in those early memories. In 1999, my husband & I met at a particular place of employment, which shall remain nameless due to the inevitable embarrassment of some & the merciless mocking by most.

After remaining close friends for two years, my husband began his first year of university while I, a few years younger, had to battle the stereotypical monotony of our small town high school. Brontë, Dickens, Tolstoy & Hemingway alleviated the doldrums of small town life.

For our first date in Toronto, I think Zeus had us in his sights. Immediately, we faced comical scenarios that reached Marx Brothers levels: from a painful collision with several bicyclists to trying to outrun an unwelcome chaperon, a screaming, barely-clad man (Two words: loin cloth) waving a staked pineapple & shouting out biblical prophecies.

Thankfully, he relinquished the pineapple he had been relentlessly poking us with by chucking it at a passing car. He then quickly rode away on his bicycle (I'm assuming to obtain more pineapples & wooden stakes). On a side note, we did encounter this man several more times in the following years, always with a staked pineapple & once, in the grocery store, we found him stocking a cart with his coveted fruit.

But, I think it's how the date ended that fully captures 'us' in a sense. The date we had anticipated for years culminated in a simultaneous trip -somehow we had managed to hook feet & trip each other. Nothing like a clumsily-executed face plant on one of the busiest intersections of Toronto, Yonge & Bloor, to really commemorate a date.

We still bear the scars to prove it (ever wondered why my husband has a goatee?).

Although our date may have resembled a scene from Animal Crackers, I can honestly say, that night I fell head over heels for my husband.

Now, it's almost been eleven years since that night. We've lived in different cities, at times different countries & attended different schools & later, different universities. We've travelled the world together & built a "house of rented home".

We have supported each other through high school, through undergraduate, graduate & post-graduate years. In our tenth year of dating, we celebrated our relationship with our lovely friends & family.

The best is yet to come.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Pocket Watch, Glasses & 'Stache Necklaces, Oh My!

At long last, FrameBoutique has (back) in stock the much sought-after, antique line of pocket watch necklaces that quickly sold & emptied our stock last time (sorry for the delay for those who inquired!). We have three pieces from the previous line along with three new varieties, each with a distinctly unique design, which I will be listing later this week!

Along with the pocket watch necklaces I will be listing later this week (if my schedule slows down!), I will be listing my black glasses frame necklace (a favourite amongst friends & often, a whimsical party prop). As well, I finally have the moustache necklaces back in stock! Getting ready for Movember!

Happy Monday everyone!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

His Girl Friday

When I design new pieces, I like to watch old black & white films. Whether it be for inspiration, a reminder of classic, enduring style or simply for the smart dialogue & quick banter, I always watch classics; Roman Holiday, Garland's A Star is Born or my favourite, His Girl Friday.

I've been thinking lately, when exactly did actors stop dressing so elegantly? Why is it that current films & T.V shows tend to have dialogue that lacks the quick wit that demands your full attention? Now, I'm not over-generalizing. There are films & shows that simulate the brilliantly funny screwball comedy of the 30s & 40s such as Gilmore Girls.

"Walter, you're wonderful, in a loathsome sort of way".

Hildegard "Hildy" Johnson, the female lead, is sharp, clever & fully independent (well, sort of). As a film from 1940, it seems a contradiction to have such a strong female lead, one who is the best "newspaperman". I realize now that it was really the 1950s that began to instil that type of Betty Friedan, Feminine Mystique, view of women.

Rosalind Russell's comedic timing & delivery is nothing short of genious. She reappropriates the masculine by wearing black tailored suits & hats similar to men's fashion of the 30s & 40s. With some of my pieces I try to do this, on a lesser scale of course, with my moustache & upcycled tie necklaces, but nonetheless, the film serves as inspiration.

Hildy [speaking to Walter on the phone]
"Now, get this, you double-crossing chimpanzee: There ain't going to be any interview and there ain't going to be any story. And that certified check of yours is leaving with me in twenty minutes. I wouldn't cover the burning of Rome for you if they were just lighting it up. If I ever lay my two eyes on you again, I'm gonna walk right up to you and hammer on that monkeyed skull of yours 'til it rings like a Chinese gong!"

Thursday, 1 September 2011

The 'Stache Necklace

I had no idea how many people were into the moustache icon. I crafted had originally this necklace as a whimsical, funny addition to my shop, but I wasn't sure what its reception would be.

The Curly Moustache Necklace

Apparently, I've created something that people like since I've now sold four within 24 hours. Life is funny!